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Virginia Murphy



If I think about it the movie “The Bucket List” started me thinking. I created a list of adventures, skydiving, waterskiing, running half marathons, snow skiing, climbing the stairs at the John Hancock and Sears Tower and travel and more. Travel is my greatest adventure. I love all aspects of it. Travel can be anything you want it to be, calm and relaxing or wild and exhilarating or any combination. In my life I have been fortunate to visit many different places in the world. I have done a great deal of cruising and love the effortlessness of that form of travel. I also have had great adventures in Africa, Europe, South America, Canada and Mexico. Additionally I have enjoyed visiting almost every state in the United States. Making memories with family and friends is a gift that lasts a lifetime. It would be my pleasure to help create a memorable trip for you.