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I have always had a passion for travel and experiencing new places. My journeys began with travel within the US, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Bahamas, St Lucia, and cruising to many destinations in the Caribbean. I now specialize in romance and family travel. My knowledge and first hand experience of the destinations has helped me to help others plan the perfect getaway. The memories that couples, families, and friends create through vacations are immeasurable and last a lifetime. I look forward to helping you create your next vacation.

Our #1 goal at Fun For All Vacations is to provide our clients the most ultimate vacation experience!
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Sharing my love of travel with others is my dream job, building great experiences and memories. Using a travel consultant takes stress away from your travel planning and saves you hours creating the perfect travel experience.
"I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list."-Susan Sontag
Travel is my passion! I've been an avid traveler most of my life and love exploring different cultures. My mission is to provide my clients with a wonderful vacation experience. I try to find the best travel value for them.

I'm a retired teacher and guidance counselor and now spend my time traveling and planning travel for clients. I've been hooked on traveling internationally since the age of 19 when I flew for the first time to Quebec, Canada to attend a summer program at Laval University. I've since traveled a lot in Europe and the Caribbean. I enjoy doing group promotions and also working independently with clients to create the perfect trip for them. My travel experiences really help me in creating trips for my clients. I'm always ready to go somewhere I haven't been and and am looking forward to exploring new places.

"I would rather own a little and see the world than own the world and see a little of it."
I have been traveling with my family since I was a little girl. We traveled all over the US, including New York City, Washington DC, Disney World, Wisconsin Dells, and Colorado. I grew up near Chicago and my mother would take us on what she called "mission trips" to explore all the different areas of the city.
All of these adventures created a desire to design exciting trips for my own children. I have been able to take my boys, Michael and James, on a variety of trips all over the US. We always try to find crazy, unique sites to see such as the giant ball of string and the geographical center of the US, both in Kansas; the Y-shaped bridge in Ohio; the world's largest hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs, CO; the Kennecott Copper Mine, the world's largest excavation and open-pit copper mine in Utah; the pretzel factory in St Louis. Our trips are always full of fun!

Let me help you design the perfect trip for your family or group. Whether it be a relaxing vacation at a family resort in the Caribbean, an unforgettable Honeymoon, a cruise to Alaska, a trip over seas to explore Europe or an adventure here in the US, I will work hard to ensure everyone in your group has plenty of choices.
I have always enjoyed traveling and caught the travel bug in 2001, during my first trip to Europe. I toured Norway with my Dad's college alumni group. I have taken groups to several destinations including Alaska, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Ireland and Turks and Caicos. Planning the perfect vacation for my clients is my passion.

To quote Saint Augustine "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."
I always love the adventure, I have great memories of them all- love to see the attractions, food and different cultures. To the journeys ahead!
I have always loved traveling from a young age. Some of my greatest memories growing up are of my family vacations. Every summer my family would set off on a new and exciting adventure. One year it might be outdoor fun on the shores of Lake Michigan, then taking a tour of the White House the following summer. Forty years later this love for traveling has continued. From vacationing with my family at Walt Disney World to sitting on a beach in Mexico with my wife, memories made from traveling are unbeatable.
I would love to help you plan your next vacation so you can make unbeatable memories from traveling too!!
For me, there is nothing more exciting than traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures, and seeing the world in new ways. As a travel consultant, it is a joy to help others make their dreams come true with ultimate vacations, bucket list trips, or satisfying the yearning to explore other lands.

“Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”
If I think about it the movie “The Bucket List” started me thinking. I created a list of adventures, skydiving, waterskiing, running half marathons, snow skiing, climbing the stairs at the John Hancock and Sears Tower and travel and more. Travel is my greatest adventure. I love all aspects of it. Travel can be anything you want it to be, calm and relaxing or wild and exhilarating or any combination. In my life I have been fortunate to visit many different places in the world. I have done a great deal of cruising and love the effortlessness of that form of travel. I also have had great adventures in Africa, Europe, South America, Canada and Mexico. Additionally I have enjoyed visiting almost every state in the United States. Making memories with family and friends is a gift that lasts a lifetime. It would be my pleasure to help create a memorable trip for you.